Hay Sheds

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Ezyframe®Sheds offers high clearance and wide openings for hay storage with options to remove wall bracing to offer unhindered access from all sides. Walls can be added protection for hay on one or more sides. Our Hay sheds offer:

  • Heavy duty angle base plate with 16mm cast in footing bolts
  • Strong knee braces to enable wide spaning frames
  • Double ‘C’ section frame on all internal frames
  • Closure plates on unclad wall columns
  • Fully bolted framework
  • Full range of Colourbond® and Zincalume® cladding

Hay sheds

Ezyframe Hay sheds offer a range of heights and bay sizes to suit the particular bale size that you produce making efficient use of the undercover area by reducing the distance between hay bale stacks. Ask us today about our range of sheds.

Extra Wide openings

Hay sheds some times need even wider bays to suit different hay bale sizes. Ezyframe has supplied 12 meter openings in different shed configurations. Make sure you ask about these options when your getting your quote as often just changing the configuration of your shed can reduce the overall price to get a cheaper price for you.

Closure plates

All our Ezyframe Hay sheds are supplied with closure plates. These cover the open sides of the “C” section columns and provide even more strength to the column

For extra wide span hay sheds our fabricated frame buildings can cater for buildings 21m and wider

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